Amplifon Hearing Health Care Program

Amplifon Hearing Health Care Program

 Amplifon* Hearing Heath Care Program

The North Carolina Retired Governmental Employees’ Association is pleased to offer all NCRGEA members and their families the Amplifon Hearing Health Care Program. This plan is provided at no cost to the NCRGEA member, spouse, and extended family.  If you are not a NCRGEA member, please join our Association to take advantage of the Amplifon Hearing Health Care Program.

How the Plan Works

The plan is simple.  Call the NCRGEA office and request a Amplifon Hearing Health Care brochure describing the process.  Or you can call 1-888-755-7906 for assistance in selecting a hearing healthcare professional at a convenient location near you.  A Patient Care Advocate will explain the Amplifon process, obtain your mailing information and assist you in making the appointment with your hearing care professional.  Amplifon will send information to you about the program and what to expect at your hearing appointment.

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For savings on hearing aids and services at convenient locations close to home, we’ve partnered with Amplifon Hearing Health Care. With the Amplifon program, you’ll have access to:

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For more information, visit: or call 1-888-755-7906.

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*Formerly known as HearPO Hearing Assistance Discount Program