Legislative Affairs

Legislative Affairs

Legislative Affairs

The primary mission of the North Carolina Retired Governmental Employees’ Association is to advocate for the collective interests of our members. A large part of this effort involves active lobbying of the General Assembly.  The Association seeks to keep members informed on legislation affecting retirement benefits and to encourage members to express their views on these important issues to their state Senators and Representatives.

Legislative Committee Information

The Legislative Committee of the North Carolina Retired Governmental Employees’ Association is composed of five members of the Board of Directors who are appointed by the President.  This Committee is responsible for reviewing proposed legislation, recommending legislative goals for the Association to the Executive Committee, and working with representatives of the retirement systems and the General Assembly to improve legislation to retired governmental employees. The current membership of the Legislative Committee is listed below.

  • Bob Atwater – Chair
  • Clifton B. Metcalf
  • Edward McCormick
  • Linda Suggs
  • Sarah Stuckey

How Inflation Impact Your Retirement Check  (Click on the charts below*)

(TSERS = Teacher’s & State Employees’ Retirement System)
(LGERS = Local Government Employees Retirement System)

Fact Sheet for Local Government Retirees Retirement System

NCRGEA’s 2017 Legislative Priorities

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Contact Your Legislator

You may view a full list of Senate or House members or to find and contact the State Legislators in your area of the state, please select your county from the list below.